Headwall Canyon, B.C.


We are currently upgrading the Headwall information for the site. We have included a brief itineray below. For more information on this extraordinary journey through an undiscovered Yosemite like Valley, with over 20 major waterfalls, please contact our office at; 800-643-2784.



With it’s sheer 6,000 foot, glacier-cut, ice capped granite walls, over a dozen magnificent, easy to hike to waterfalls of Yosemite-like proportions and massive old growth trees, Headwall Canyon in southwestern British Columbia is a master work of nature’s artistry. There are few places on earth where one can see so much spectacular scenery in such a relatively small area. This is what Yosemite must have looked like long before the roads and concession stands. Named by Earth River on the first descent, this magical land lay virtually undiscovered until 1999. Dropped in by helicopter to the top of this magnificent wonderland, we will begin our 7-day journey by foot, camping on white sand beaches and hiking to the base of some of the planet’s most impressive rarely seen waterfalls. As guests of members of the Klahoose First Nation, we will share Native American food and customs and learn first hand of their efforts to protect this extraordinary place from the ravages of clear-cut logging and hydro-electric development.


Today we fly on our own from Vancouver to Cambell River. Arriving in Cambell River at midday, we transfer on our own by taxi to the water taxi dock meeting there at 12:00 p.m.. We board the water taxi and take a two hour boat trip past islands and through rugged fiords to Toba Inlet. Here we board a helicopter for a breathtaking ride up and over one of the largest, southernmost ice caps in North America. The views from the helicopter ride are surreal as we follow a glacier vent of blue ice up thousands of feet to the top of a stark white snowfield and then drop us down on an island in the middle of the canyon and our first night’s camp.

DAYS 2 - 7: HEADWALL CANYON (hiking)

For 7 days, members of the Klahoose First Nation, will escort us through this Shangrila. There is no other place on earth where one can see so many major waterfalls in such a small area. Whether it’s a sheer, 6000 foot ice capped wall, or a multi-thousand foot falls, drama unfolds everywhere you gaze. The scale of this place is so grand there is virtually nothing to compare it to. We will spend each day either hiking down river through old growth forests or up to the base of some of magnificent tributary falls. Each is unique with some having so much spray, wind and power that it’s difficult to get near, while others are more intimate, warmed by the rock on their long journey from the ice and afford the chance to swim at their base. This trip will be a Klahoose first Nation experience and we will learn first hand about the Klahoose way of life both past and present from Chief Kathy Francis. Kathy was chief for 15 years and is one of the reasons this amazing place has never been touched by a chainsaw. Our evenings will be spent on beautiful beaches with gorgeous waterfall views, where we will feast on fresh salmon and other Klahoose staples cooked over the fire in traditional style. We will also listen to Klahoose stories and legends around the campfire. There will even be a chance to visit a new waterfall which has never before been explored. It is a rare occasion where one can stand where few have stood before, especially when it’s at the base of a falls they would name a park after in the United States. (Note: On some of the hikes it will be necessary to cut our own trail with machetes.)


This morning we are picked up by the helicopter and transferred to Toba Inlet where we meet the water taxi which takes us back to Cambell River.

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