Chile vs Argentina travel facts

EnteringVia ArgentinaVia Chile

 Travel Time To river from Bariloche, Argentina or Puerto Montt, Chile. 

8 hours in bus (includes two border
Note: Does not include 2 hour
taxi between international and National airports in Buenos Aires.


 45 minute commuter flight & 3 hours in bus
  Note: The International and national airports in Santiago are in the same facility.

Add. Costs
These are
costs beyond international flights, tips, masseuse & trip video
(Note: Flights from the U.S. to Santiago, Chile or Buenos Aires, Argentina are similarly priced) 



Reciprocity entrance tax $160*
 R/T taxi between international and national airports =$80
Taxi from Bariloche airport to hotel $35
flight from Buenos Aires to Bariloche = $675

Total cost = $950
*Note: $160 Reciprocity tax must be payed for (on line in U.S.) before you are allowed to board your plane in the U.S. .


Flight from Santiago to Puerto Montt = $300
Taxi from airport to Puerto Varas $25 
 Note: Earth River covers R/T commuter flight from Puerto Montt to Chaiten

Total cost = $325
*Note: No reciprocity tax entering through Chile.




Commuter plane & bus

Scenery / Terrain

Mountains and lakes first hour, flat & dry with distant  mountain views with lush Futaleufu River 
valley final hour

Fiords, lush glaciated
river valleys, glaciers &
snow-capped Mountains

Towns of interest

Bariloche, El Bolson & Esquel

Puerto Varas & Chaiten

Possible additional delays

 border crossings, strikes
airline cancellations

Fog (commuter flight)

Note:The "multi-camp" expedition "officially" begins in Puerto Varas, Chile Friday afternoon. Earth River will cover the r/t commuter flight ticket from Puerto Montt to Chaiten and r/t transportation from Chaiten to the river. As soon as you have your flight information please e-mail it to currie-r@vtr so we can arrange your flight to Chaiten.

FYI: If you are delayed arriving into Puerto Varas, please contact our guide, Maria. Note: Travel insurance will cover any additional expenses if you are delayed and need to be caught up to the trip.

Note: The "base camp" trip "officially" begins in Bariloche, Argentina.

NOTE: It is also possible to Fly into Esquel Argentinia on certain days of the week but these flights are often canceled and rerouted through Bariloche so one should not depend on them.p>

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