Patagonia Multi-Lodge Hiking Trip

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Patagonia Hiking: Multi-Lodge

Futaleufu, Chile, Northern Patagonia

This trekking trip showcases a rarely visited corner of Northern Patagonia through an array of expertly curated world class hikes. Immerse yourself into the lush Valdivian rainforest while visiting glaciers, lakes, cascades, old growth forests, wilderness vistas, and the crystal clear turquoise waters of the magical Futaleufu River. All of this is accompanied by three beautiful boutique lodges placed on massive 1000 acres properties. The hikes have been hand picked by our expert staff to be a delicate balance of grandeur and intimacy. This trip Is suitable for anyone who enjoys hiking.

$6300 - person. Call 845-626-2165 for more Info

Trip Details

Brief Overview

Cost: $6,000 Note: The roundtrip flight from Puerto Montt to Chaiten will be reserved by Earth River and charged to the clients individually ($250)

Trip Length: 9

Total Travel Days: 2

Group Size: 12

Guide Guest Ration: 1-3

Season: December - March 

Meeting Place: Puerto Varas, Chile (Cumbres Puerto Varas Hotel)


Cumbres Puerto Varas Hotel (night 1)

Uman Lodge (nights 2,3,4)

Peuma Lodge (nights 5,6,7)

Yelcho Lodge (night 8)

Private Departures: If your group is interested in a custom trip, then please call or email the office.

Trip Highlights


  • World Class trails and scenery
  • Uncrowded trails
  • Seven nights at three boutique lodges in the Futaleufu Valley
  • Chef prepared meals
  • Spa amenities, masseuse
  • Hiking through old-growth hardwood forests, waterfalls, glaciers, and stunning glacial lakes

What's Included

What's included:

  • All food/some beverages during the trip
  • 7 nights at boutique lodges (Uman, Peuma, Yelcho)
  • 1 night in Cumbres Hotel
  • 3 meals a day, snacks and drinks
  • Wifi in the lodges
  • Professional guides with knowledge of local flora/fauna and geography
  • Private bathrooms in rooms
  • Spa Amenities 
  • Wood Fired Hot tubs
  • Chef prepared meals
  • Chilean wine
  • High quality trekking poles

What's not included:

  • Airfare from the U.S. to Puerto Montt
  • Arrival transfer from Puerto Montt Airport to Hotel Cumbres in Puerto Varas
  • Professional Masseuse (Uman, Peuma, Cumbres)
  • Gratuity (average 10% of trip cost)
  • Catch-up fees for late arrivals include
  • Additional Hotel, taxi, charter flights, and meals.

Getting There


First evening: U.S. / SANTIAGO

Evening flight from the United States to Santiago, Chile.


Flight from Santiago to Puerto Montt and then take a taxi to the spectacular Hotel Cumbres in the quaint Chilean town of Puerto Varas. With panoramic views of Lago Llanquilhue and snowcapped Volcano Osorno rising from the eastern shore, Puerto Varas is one of the most picturesque towns in all of South America. The Hotel has sweeping views of the lake and volcano from it's expansive lawns and is a welcome reprieve from the long trip down. That evening we meet our guide, Maria, in the Hotel lobby for a trip orientation and welcome dinner out on the town.

Important note: For those people who can not commit to taking off the extra day and are only able to leave Friday evening, there is the option of arriving a day later, skipping the Puerto Varas day/hotel and meeting us directly at the Paloma Airport in Puerto Montt at 11:00 AM. Saturday morning. There are a number of international flight that arrive early enough into Santiago to make this itinerary possible.

Day 3: 50 minute flight from Puerto Varas to Chaiten. Then a two and a half hour bus ride to the Futaleufu.

NOTE: Arriving through Argentina or adding an extension to the trip is possible, please contact the office for more information. 

Day By Day Itenerary

Day by Day Itinerary:

This unique journey showcases some of Patagonias treasures while blending the grandeur and intimacy of one of earths last truly wild places. This one of a kind lodge base trekking trip is suitable for anyone who loves trekking. 

DAY 1: U.S.

Evening flight from the U.S. to Santiago, Chile. (Airfare not included) 


You arrive in Puerto Montt and transfer to the Cumbres Hotel, in the town of Puerto Varas. Located on the shores of Lago Llanquihue, with Mount Fuji-like, snow-capped, Volcano Osorno, rising directly out of the deep blue water, Puerto Varas is one of the most beautiful towns in South America. The afternoon is free to explore the town. In the early evening we meet the Earth River guide, Maria, in the hotel lobby and go out for welcome dinner.

Note:When you arrive at the Puerto Montt Airport, you transfer (on your own) bye taxi to the Cumbres Hotel in Puerto Varas where a room is waiting in your name.

Day 3: Puerto Varas/ Yelcho Glacier/ Uman Lodge (2 miles-easy difficulty) 

After breakfast Maria escorts us to the Chaiten flight. This short 45 minute flight follows a rugged and mountainous coastline. In the small chaiten airport you will be picked up by the Trip leader and board our bus. In an hours drive we reach the trailhead to the Yelcho Glacier. The only trail In Corcovado National Park. This short 2 mile roundtrip hike takes us through the dense temperate rainforest of Chiles Patagonia leading to a breathtaking view of the massive blue glacier.  We then have a  two hour drive to the Uman Lodge where we will be for the next three nights. Upon arrival if anyone is looking for more hiking there is a gorgeous two mile loop right out of the lodge through one of the most spectacular farms in the region to the private beach at the gates of Inferno Canyon. 

Day 4: Uman Lodge/ Mirador El Condor (7 miles-medium difficulty)

After a 30 minute drive we arrive at the trailhead to mirador el condor. The only hike in the valley of Futaleufu that is in located within the national reserve of Futaleufu and only government protected land in the Valley. We hike through a beautiful cypress forest before reaching two viewpoints. The second being mirror el condor that has a panoramic view from Argentina all the way into the futaleufu valley and the turquoise waters below. 

Day 5: Uman lodge/ Vista Espolon Lake (8 miles- medium difficulty)

Today we drive 20 minutes to Lago Lonconao where we start our hike on a trail with exclusive access. This hike takes us to Laguna Oscuro, we then wrap around this small lake to the backside where we have a view of Lago Lonconao and Lago Espolon In the distance. This hike offers us the only vistas of the two lakes combined and the farmland of the Espolon Valley. 

Day 6: Uman Lodge/ Futaleufu River Trail/ Peuma Lodge (10 miles-medium difficulty)

Today we have a 20 minute drive to the start of this trail located in Sector Las Escalas. This Futaleufu River trail was designed and built by Earth River to perfectly blend the stunning emerald waters of the Futaleufu river combined with the intimacy of hiking through old growth hardwood trees, some as big as redwoods. This is a one way trail and that goes through the heart of the river and offers an uninterrupted wilderness experience. Some of the scenic highlights are class 6 Zeta rapid and the granite monoliths that rise hundreds of feet straight out of the river. 

Day 7: Peuma Lodge/ Blanco Falls (6 miles- medium difficulty)

After a 20 minute drive we arrive at the starting point of our first waterfall hike. This hike brings us up on of the tributaries of the futaleufu called the Rio Blanco. As we get higher in elevation we are offered spectacular views of two glaciers across the valley, one of which we will get the chance to see in up close in the upcoming days. With white granite walls rising hundreds of feet in a box canyon out of the river, the trail brings us to a gorgeous 60 foot waterfall with crystal clear green water. At the base of the falls there is a perfect fishbowl that offers an ideal place to cool off on a hot day. (bring your bathing suit) 

Day 8: Peuma Lodge/ Lago Obsession (7 miles- hard Difficulty)

Leaving directly from the lodge we hike through an enchanted forest of ancient hardwood trees, past impressive waterfalls to stunning Lago Obsession. With its dramatic landscape of sculpted stone, snow and ice, this miniature, hanging blue lake is a masterwork of nature’s artistry and a rarely visited scenic highlight of Patagonia. The views in every direction from kayaks and stand-up paddle boards are astounding. Cut by the glacier, the intimate 10-acre body of water is like a giant bottomless swimming pool. A dramatic 2,500 vertical foot ice-enshrouded granite tooth rises from the lake.

Day 9: Peuma Lodge/ Tronador Cascade/ Yelcho Lodge (6 miles-medium)

Today we leave the peuma Lodge and have a 50 minute drive to the trailhead of Salto Tronador. As we walk through a lush forest full of ferns and moss we can hear the thunderous water fall in the distance. This trail passes a handful of beautiful 10-30 foot sliding falls as the river  cuts through the granite bedrock. At close to 700 feet in height this waterfall is one of the tallest in Chile. The viewing area is wet from the tremendous mist the falls creates so its a good idea to bring a change of clothes or a bathing suit along with you you. As we get back to the bus we can change and we have an 1:30 drive past stunning Lago yelcho to the Yelcho Lodge where we spend the last night.

DAY 10

This morning we drive for an hour to the Chaiten airport. We board the plane for the flight back to Puerto Montt. Upon landing Maria transfers you to Puerto Varas where people are now on their own for lunch and shopping. Later in the afternoon, individuals transfer (on their own) to the airport to catch their domestic flight to Santiago and then your international flight back home.

NOTE: When you arrive back in Puerto Montt, Maria, will meet you with the extra bags you left at the start of the trip.

DAY 11: This morning we arrive back to your home country.