Ventana River Multi-day Rafting Trip

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Ventana River Rafting Trip (Patagonia, Chile)

The Rio Ventana is Patagonia, Chile's only traditional multi-day white water river trip. It boasts translucent turquoise water, and a stunning canyon flowing through an unnamed part of the Andian ice-capped mountain range that rivals the Italian Dolimites. Immersed in untouched Patagonian wilderness, the trip offers spectacular campsites, exciting class 3 and 4 rapids, unique geologic features, massive tributary waterfalls, and old-growth hardwood forests. A handful of rural homesteads dot the remote, hidden valley where the inhabitants live off the land. This extraordinary river trip was pioneered with a first descent by Earth River in 2015 and had only been experienced by a few Earth River groups. The gear is transported downriver by a team of pack horses led by gauchos and
their trusted dogs. To get to the start of the river we hike for 7 miles
on a relatively level trail. We carry day packs and chartered horses pack all the gear and trip supplies.

Date from US back to US: December 5 - 15 2024

$5,500/person Call 845-626-2165 for More Info

Trip Details

Brief Overview

Cost: $5,500 USD

Trip Type: Multi-day rafting and camping trip.

Trip Length: 7 days

Total Travel Days: 11 days

Group size: up to 10

Guide/client ratio: 1 - 3

Season: November & December

Meeting place: Puerto Montt/ Puerto Varas

Accommodations: 6 nights camping. 1 night Hotel

Suitable ages: 14-70

Activities: Rafting intermediate( class 3 &4), trekking, camping, world class fishing.

Private departures: Custom groups are welcome. Please contact the office for more information.

What's Included/Not

What's included

  • 3 nights at Hotels/Lodges
  • All food during the trip
  • 6 days of guided actives (5 days rafting, 1 day hiking)
  • Horses pack gear to put in
  • Stunning relatively level 7 mile hike to the start of the river
  • Guides will set up tents and camp, you may help as much or little as you desire on a daily basis
  • World class fishing for salmon and trout
  • Top of the line gear
  • Transportation to and and from the river
  • 3 - 1 client to guide ratio

Not Included

  • Round trip airfare from U.S. to Puerto Varas
  • Round trip tickets airfare Puerto Montt to Chaiten ($250)
  • Taxi from Puerto Montt airport to the hotel.
  • Guide tips (typically 10% of trip cost)
  • Fly fishing gear
  • Catch up fees for late arrivals including; add. hotel, taxi, charter flights and add. meals.
  • Travel before of after trip

Day By Day Itenerary

DAY 1: U.S.

Evening flight from the U.S. to Santiago, Chile. (Airfare not included) 


You arrive in Puerto Montt and transfer to the Cumbres Hotel, in the town of Puerto Varas. Located on the shores of Lago Llanquihue, with Mount Fuji-like, snow-capped, Volcano Osorno, rising directly out of the deep blue water, Puerto Varas is one of the most beautiful towns in South America. The afternoon is free to explore the town. In the early evening, we meet the Earth River guide, Maria, in the hotel lobby and go out for a welcome dinner.

Note: When you arrive at the Puerto Montt Airport, you transfer (on your own) by taxi to the Cumbres Hotel in Puerto Varas where a room is waiting in your name.


After breakfast, Maria escorts us to the Chaiten flight. The short flight is spectacular as we follow a rugged, mountainous coastline. We board the bus and drive past roaring turquoise rivers, hanging glaciers, and deep blue lakes to the quaint town of Lago Verde where we spend. Cut off from the rest of Patagonia and rarely visited by tourists, Lago Verde is old-world Chile. Many of the residents still ride horses for transportation. We spend the night in a primitive, comfortable bed and breakfast. That evening we meet the river guides. 


Today we drive 2 hours in 4-wheel drive trucks to the trail head. We spend the day hiking seven miles through a beautiful emote valley to our starting point on the Rio Ventana where we camp. 

DAYS: 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9: RIO VENTANA

For the next five days we journey through a stunning Patagonia landscape of old-growth forests and massive tributary waterfalls, framed beneath ice-capped spires and peaks that rival the Italian Dolomites. Patagonia’s (and Chile’s) only multi-day river trip offers wonderful class 3 and 4 rapids, stunning riverside campsites, and a chance to experience a stunning Patagonia landscape that only a few Earth River groups have ever experienced. The river is teaming with German brown trout and Atlantic salmon that can be seen twenty feet down in the translucent turquoise water. A handful of rural homesteads dot the remote, hidden valley where the inhabitants live off the land. The guides will prepare the meals and our gear will be transported downriver by a team of pack horses led by local gauchos and their trusted dogs.


This afternoon we take out in the town of la Junta where we spend the night in cabins at a comfortable bed and breakfast. 


This morning we drive to the Chaiten airport. We board the plane for the flight back to Puerto Montt. Maria transfers you to Puerto Varas for lunch where people are now on their own for lunch and shopping. Later in the afternoon, individuals transfer (on their own) to the airport to catch our domestic flight to Santiago and then our international flight back home.

DAY 11: United States

This morning we arrive back in the United States.

Getting There


First evening: U.S. / SANTIAGO

Evening flight from the United States to Santiago, Chile.


Flight from Santiago to Puerto Montt and then take a taxi to the spectacular Hotel Cumbres in the quaint Chilean town of Puerto Varas. With panoramic views of Lago Llanquilhue and snowcapped Volcano Osorno rising from the eastern shore, Puerto Varas is one of the most picturesque towns in all of South America. The Hotel has sweeping views of the lake and volcano from it's expansive lawns and is a welcome reprieve from the long trip down. That evening we meet our guide, Maria, in the Hotel lobby for a trip orientation and welcome dinner out on the town.

Important note: For those people who can not commit to taking off the extra day and are only able to leave Friday evening, there is the option of arriving a day later, skipping the Puerto Varas day/hotel and meeting us directly at the Paloma Airport in Puerto Montt at 11:00 AM. Saturday morning. There are a number of international flight that arrive early enough into Santiago to make this itinerary possible.

Day 3: 50 minute flight from Puerto Varas to Chaiten. Earth River picks you up from the airport and then there is a two and a half hour bus ride south to the town of La Junta.