General sign-up information


To secure trip space on the Magpie or Yavero expeditions, an initial deposit of $600 per person is required. On the Futaleufu multi-lodge trip, a deposit of $1,000 is required. The deposit on the multi-lodge trip is signifigantly higher because the rooms in the three lodges must be secured and payed for far in advance and are non-refundable.  You can make this payment by credit card (Visa or Master Card) or by check payable to: Earth River Expeditions. Your deposit should be mailed to the Earth River office (180 Towpath Road, Accord, New York, 12404), along with a completed registration form, signed liability release and signed terms and responsibility release. The hidden link section of the web site (small circled “c” in copyright) includes all the general information you need for the trip. Please fill out the medical form and sign the releases and send them back in the regular mail to the Earth River office (180 Towpath Road, Accord, New York, 12404). The Balance of Payment is due 75 days prior to the trip’s departure and may be paid by check or credit card. For your convenience, we will charge the balance to your credit card 75 days prior to trip departure.